Pennsylvania District of Kiwanis International

Start a Club

For some Kiwanians, opening new clubs is the greatest service you can perform. It’s no wonder: Club openers carry on the Kiwanis legacy.

New clubs need encouragement and guidance—and that requires access to experienced, effective leaders. That’s the role of the club-opening team. Members of this team—especially sponsoring clubs—benefit too. They gain unique insights, skills and energy they can channel into improving their own club experience.

Members of the club-opening team can use our online club-opening tool as a guide throughout the process and to report progress.

Want to learn more?
Our quick-start guide can help you get started with these three simple steps:
1. Prepare: Form your team and explore the community.
2. Invite: Plan your approach and share your story.
3. Organize: Charter the club and set it up for success.

Want to get involved?
District Growth Team members will help you open, promote, strengthen and grow your club. For more information on the Growth Team, visit here.

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