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Quality Early Learning Radio

Have you heard the Quality Early Learning Radio? Now’s your chance to listen to information about what’s happening in Pennsylvania around quality early learning!

The Quality Early Learning Radio, sponsored by the Northwest Regional Key, airs on WCED 1420 AM, 96.7 and 107.9 FM and Co-hosts John Pozza and Joe Taylor delve into different topics every other week.

Listen live or click the links to hear the past broadcasts Quality Early Learning Radio shows!

9/5/14 Program 1
In the opening show on Fri., Sept. 5, John described what quality early learning looks like and explains why it’s so important in preparing children for school to make sure they get the proper start for success in school and life.

Program 1 9-5-14

9/19/14 Program 2
On Fri., Sept. 19th John talked about the work being done in early childhood education, its economic impact and how we can save money as a society for every dollar invested in quality early learning.

Program 2 9-19-14

10/3/14 Program 3
On Fri., Oct. 3, Librarian Darlene Marshall, from the Mengle Memorial Library in Brockway, PA discussed about how young children learn through mimicking or modeling the actions of those around them, the research by Dr. Jill Stamm to prevent dyslexia, and the "Brain Boxes" containing toys, books and other activities developed by Dr. Stamm and used by parents with their children when they visit the Mengle library.

Program 3 10-3-14

10/17/14 Program 4
On Fri., Oct. 17, Librarian Leslie Swope from the St. Marys library discussed the importance of reading to children and how children learn to read and write long before they start school - a process that actually begins in infancy. Leslie also discussed how parents can influence the types of connections their child keeps through repetition, routine and positive reinforcement.

Program 4 10-17-14

10/31/14 Program 5
On Fri., Oct. 31, Kevin Thomas, Exec. Dir. of PA Kiwanis International was the guest and discussed all of the important initiatives the Kiwanis has been involved with around quality early learning and the many children it has impacted.

Program 5 10-31-14

11/14/14 Program 6
On Fri., Nov. 14, Don Bernhard, recently retired Dir. of Community Affairs for PPL Utilities and a member of the PA Early Learning Investment Commission discussed the importance of introducing the principles of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) in early learning for developing problem solving in an effective workforce.

Program 6 11-14-14

11/28/14 Program 7
On Fri., Nov. 28, Tara Dechert, Business Development Manager for the Nurse-Family Partnership program will discuss the program's impact on first time mothers in preparing their children for a healthy and happy start.

12/12/14 Program 8
On Fri., Dec. 12, Dr. Barb Minzenberg, Deputy Secretary of the Pennsylvania Office of Child Development and Early Learning (OCDEL) will discuss PA's $52 million federal Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge.

12/26/14 Program 9
On Fri., Dec. 26, Kurt Kondrich, Chair of the Governor's Advisory Council for Early Intervention, will share a heart warming Christmas story involving his daughter Chloe that will touch everyone.

1/9/15 Program 10
On Fri., Jan. 9, William Isler, President of the Fred Rogers Company, will share some of Fred Rogers' legacy and the latest early childhood initiatives the company is involved with.

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